Alliance Strategy Services

What Is Alliance Strategy?

Alliance strategy involves the design of alliance development and of your overall portfolio of alliances. It includes questions of when and why to form an alliance, how to select a partner, how to structure the collaboration, and how to enable the organization as a whole benefit from the external relationship. Using multi-partner constellations to build an ecosystem is part of alliance strategy too. Read further here:

What Alliance Strategy Services Do We Offer?

Ben Gomes-Casseres helps companies manage their alliances by offering in-house training, customized tools, and expert advice. Through his workshops and consulting, clients develop alliance and portfolio strategies, prepare to negotiate smart partnerships, and learn how to coordinate stakeholders in alliance decisions.

Ben specializes in the “deal to alliance” process – the methodologies and capabilities that ensure that deal decisions made up front enable effective collaboration during the life of an alliance. A brief introduction to this process is here. This is often a missing link in many organizations, when deal-making by business development professionals is removed from the practice of alliance management. Because we work on that interface between strategy and management, please see also our closely-related services in Alliance Management.

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