BOOK: Mastering Alliance Strategy — A Comprehensive Guide to Design, Management and Organization

With James Bamford and Michael Robinson
San Francisco: Wiley/Jossey-Bass (2003)

Presents state-of-the-art thinking and practices for using partnerships effectively. An essential guide to help you understand and use alliances better, whether you are a new or experienced in alliance strategy.

Covers ideas and tools from years of research and reporting on four elements that are key to an effective alliance strategy:

  • Designing and crafting the alliance,
  • Managing the alliance after it is launched,
  • Leveraging a constellation of alliances, and
  • Building an internal alliance capability.

Table of Contents
Introductory Chapter

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By far the most practical and comprehensive book ever written on building and managing alliances. It will be equally useful to CEOs, line managers, and specialists in any company that plans to have alliances. —  Sumantra Ghoshal, at the time Professor of Strategy and International Management London Business School

It offers clear steps to help managers at all levels develop their own best practices. In short, it is must-reading for managers at any firm that wants to work with leading-edge, alliance-savvy partners or that is striving to become one itself. — Steve Steinhilber, at the time Vice President for Strategic Alliances, Cisco Systems

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ISBN: 0-7879-6462-X
Hardcover, 432 pages
Also available in e-book format.