Strategic Partnerships — LinkedIn Learning Course

By Ben Gomes-Casseres | Online course on |

This fast-paced course builds on the ideas and tools in Remix Strategy and more. Each of the 15 lively chapters is just 3 minutes long and gives you some quick takes and nuggets of partnership wisdom. You can watch them all in a row or pick your topic.

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I hope this course will give new perspectives, tools, and tips to both beginners and veterans in alliance management, business development, and strategy. The ideas in it are grounded in my 30 years of research and consulting on alliances. They are presented here in what I hope is an accessible style and language.

Course Summary:

While industry titans such as Google and Disney can seem like singular forces in the marketplace, their success is due in part to their ability to collaborate with other companies and foster key partnerships. Whether you’re a leader at a multinational corporation or a small organization, strategic partnerships can help your business enter new markets and develop more innovative products. In this course, I spell out how to succeed with strategic partnerships, sharing practical tips and tools that can help both beginners and experienced managers create value and manage collaboration. The course covers how to assess the capabilities of potential partners to find the best strategic fit. I will also step through how to set partnership terms, resolve conflicts, and more.

Topics include:

  • What is a strategic partnership?
  • Keys to success in partnerships
  • Why partnerships are tricky to manage
  • Five steps to a good partnership
  • Determining how many partners you need
  • Setting partnership terms
  • Managing partnership life
  • Earning your share

Many thanks to my terrific editing and production team at LinkedIn Learning — Susan Williams, Sabrina Ghumman, Julia Rajchel, Rob Reich, and colleagues. They are part of a professional operation that is building a portfolio of excellent online tutorials on everything from Photoshop tricks to….the management of Strategic Partnerships!