Talks and Training on Alliances and Ecosystems

Focused Training for Building Alliance Skills and Culture

Ben Gomes-Casseres brings a unique perspective on collaboration to his audiences and engages them to think in new ways. His multi-media speeches and workshops entertain while teaching, and leave listeners with practical tools for making decisions and creating value.

Ben is equally effective speaking at large conferences or in small workshops. Trained in case discussion teaching at the Harvard Business School, he is adept at facilitating interactive sessions that help participants share and build on their experience.

Ben’s talks bring to life the ideas in his latest book Remix Strategy, which is based on his three decades of research and consulting across a wide range of industries. Every talk is tailored to the needs of the audience and the venue. Ben creates powerful impact in short keynotes as well as in training sessions lasting a day or more.

Ben is a long-time member and leader within the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals. He has taught the prep courses for CA-AM and CSAP certifications and is an Educational Provider Partner of ASAP.

Some of the Topics We Address in Talks and Training

  • Remix Strategy: Engaging presentation on the roots of value creation in any business combination – from alliances to mergers. Presented as keynote to large audiences, or in classroom settings.
  • Deal to Alliance: Workshop or talk on how alliance strategy (goals, structure, partner choice) shapes the life of the alliance and value creation for the partners. Adapted for audiences in industries from software to pharma.
  • Alliance Governance: Workshop on how to lead alliances and implement collaboration. Addresses alliance management, joint decision making, change management, and negotiation.
  • Group versus Group: Talk or workshop on how to compete with ecosystems and multipartner constellations. Innovative cases encourage participants to think strategically about their own network of partners.
  • Collaboration Strategies in . . .: Insights on the role of alliances and other business combinations in innovation, international business, supply chains, and other contexts. Core concepts applied to any industry or company.
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