Alliance Advice from Practice and Research

Ben Gomes-Casseres is the principal and owner of Alliance Strategy Consulting. His full bio is here.

Ben is a full professor at Brandeis University’s International Business School, and prior to that taught at Harvard Business School. He has worked with hundreds of executives and dozens of global companies over the last twenty-five years. He has published three books on alliance strategy and management, and many cases and articles.

Ben is an Educational Provider Partner of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP), and has taught the preparation for the ASAP Certification in Alliance Management (CA-AM). He is a Certified Alliance Strategy Professional (CSAP).

We have completed client projects in a wide range of industries and that address a broad set of issues, from how to develop an alliance vision and model to implementation of alliance management capabilities. Clients have included Bayer Healthcare, AMAG Pharmaceuticals, General Electric, Syngenta, Daimler, Chevron, Weyerhaeuser, Sun Microsystems, BASF, Yahoo!, Johnson Controls, Battelle Memorial Institute, and NASA.

All consulting, training, and speaking engagements are prepared and delivered by Ben. As needed for the project, he works side-by-side with other consultants, brought in by the client or by Alliance Strategy Consulting.

Ben has taught in executive education programs at Harvard Business School, Brandeis, INSEAD, and the University of Chicago. He is a frequent top-rated speaker at industry and professional conferences.