Featured Presentations on Remix Strategy

3 Rules of Success in Alliances

Excerpts from webinar presented for The Conference Board by Ben Gomes Casseres. Covers remix strategy, three rules of success, tool for partner selection, tool for defining the agreement, and seven habits of success in alliances. 15min long.


Remix Strategy interview at TheStreet

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Remixes in music are common when artists want to explore new styles. On Wall Street, the remixing of assets through mergers and creative alliances helps companies expand by introducing new ideas, said Ben Gomes-Casseres, author of Remix Strategy. "Remix is the process of taking assets from outside your company capabilities and mixing them and combining them with your own," said Gomes-Casseres, a professor at Brandeis University, International Bus


Hot Off The Press: Remix Strategy

Interview with Ben Gomes-Casseres by The Conference Board, Hot Off The Press series. As companies look to external partners for acquiring even strategic resources and capabilities, they need a practical road map for ensuring these relationships generate value. What combinations of resources do we need? How do we manage them over time? What profits will we earn? Will they justify our investments? Benjamin Gomes-Casseres shares insight from decades of consulting and academic research on how companies create new value by "remixing" resources with other companies. Organized aro