Speaking Calendar

Ben Gomes-Casseres speaks regularly at conferences open to the public and at internal corporate events.

Here are the upcoming events that are open to the public, with links to event sites (most have attendance fees):
Date Event Location Venue
Sep 7, 2016
9am-2pm (Wednesday)
Seminar for Certification of Strategic Alliance Professionals (CSAP) Boston, MA ASAP BioPharma Conference, Liberty Hotel
Sep 8, 2016
AM (Thursday)
INTERACTIVE PANEL on “Making Better Alliances: How Alliance Management, Bus Dev, and Legal Can Collaborate More Effectively” Boston, MA ASAP BioPharma Conference, Liberty Hotel
Oct 6, 2016 
Panel on Joint Venture and Alliances New York, NY Conference Board, Corporate Development Conference
Oct 15-16, 2016
Presentation on Joint Venture Profitability Newark, NJ Rutgers University conference on JVs
Feb 16-17, 2017
Presentation on “Remix Strategy for Innovation” Boulder, CO Colorado University conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship