The Challenges of Remixing Assets in a Network-Enabled Economy (Book Review)

(by Andrew Hargadon, in Strategy & Leadership)

“In Remix Strategy: The Three Laws of Business Combinations, Benjamin Gomes-Casseres offers a way to construct new networks that…generate new offerings by remixing the assets and capabilities of other firms.”

“Remix Strategy provides managers with the guiding principles and tools for recognizing the potential value of remixing core capabilities of firms and networks, for determining how to best realize that value, and for sharing that value–initially and as the remix evolves over time.”

“The three laws that govern successful remixes appear obvious. But think of them more like rules in chess: a minute to learn and a lifetime to master.”

“The real value of Remix Strategy lies in the tools that support a structured approach to overcoming these challenges and answering these questions: from clarifying the potential value of a particular remix strategy, to considering the different options for realizing that value, to evaluating the different governance choices.”