Guide to Learning From Our Work

This site will show you a new way of thinking about business combinations and help you make better management decisions. Our perspective is strategic – how do you create joint value, and then earn a return on your investment? That’s a big and important goal, so you need a roadmap to tackle it.

The first thing to realize is that collaboration among two or more organizations is never business as usual. Whatever the shape of the collaboration, success will demand hard thinking about strategic choices, smart negotiation, and careful implementation. Learning to do these things by trial and error is costly, and so is copying “best practices” blindly. What you need is a guide to help you learn lessons that apply to your situation.

This site is such a guide. Papers, posts, and videos explain key findings from research, distill useful practices from experience, and show you how others have succeeded with business combinations. The best way to learn from this material is to start with a few key pieces and browse or follow related links after that. Here is a roadmap:

Comprehensive guide to how to create joint value

Introduction to Alliance Strategy Fundamentals


Case examples 

Managing multipartner groups

Building an alliance capability

My syllabus for an MBA-level course on Remix Strategy is here.

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